Cloud Infrastructure

Stem Cloud is capable of bringing together a companies desktop, server and application requirements into a single Cloud solution. Unlike traditional infrastructure projects this requires minimal capital expenditure into hardware and software.

Companies use Stem Cloud to deploy new infrastructure to replace ageing systems whilst keeping a tight control of costs and capital expenditure. Cloud infrastructure projects suit companies with multiple physical office locations or where home/remote working is used.
Cloud Infrastructure projects comprise of Stem Cloud Desktops, Stem Cloud Servers and Stem Cloud Applications. Stem's experienced technical team can manage the implementation of complex Cloud solutions comprising of the below elements:

Cloud Desktop

The Stem Cloud Desktop product allows companies to run their entire IT Infrastructure from The Cloud without experiencing the reduction in performance and experience that other solutions suffer from. The system can be accessed securely from any location with an internet connection. The Stem Cloud Desktop infrastructure is built on the latest generation Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from Citrix Systems.

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers provide companies with a fast and cost effective way to deploy additional services without capital outlay on hardware, operating system licences and IT department resources. Stem Cloud Servers support various operating systems and configurations to suit client requirements. Servers can be rapidly deployed and paid for on a monthly basis depending on the number and spec of the servers deployed.

Cloud Applications

Stem Cloud allows companies to host specific applications in The Cloud whilst maintaining integration with other systems. Any application that runs on a Windows or Linux operating system can be hosted on Stem Cloud's platform. Stem Cloud's technical team can assist with the installation and deployment of a number of applications along with migration of data from existing systems.