LG launches beta of its LG Cloud service

LG Cloud is being launched on 1st May 2012 and is said to enable users to share content across smartphones, TVs and PCs.


Users of the service will have to download the LG Cloud app for their Android smartphone from Google Play or the LG SmartWorld app store, an app for their LG TV can also be purchased from the SmartWorld store. For PCs and laptops the necessary app is available on LG's website.

Users can shoot a video with their smartphone and stream to a TV via LG's cloud using their Real-time Streaming Transcoding technology.  Unlike other cloud services, there will be very little waiting or lag time as the content is streamed to the device and not downloaded first.

LG's cloud automatically synchronizes smartphone content with the cloud server and the user's PC and TV and apparently, sharing also works in the opposite direction.

LG has stated that their cloud will be offered both as a free and paid service with free storage space limits and pricing to be announced separately as the service becomes available. However, . How much free space you get, and what any extra capacity will cost, will depend on where you live.  LG has also said that the service will handle 3D content.

Samsung is also expected to launch a cloud-based sync'n'store service for its smartphones soon.  This goes to show how cloud services are playing an increasingly important role in bringing together different devices in the home and office.